Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Stort Poetry Group Meeting Tuesday November 5

Next meeting is on Tuesday, November 5. Sorry! But a music event in the Rhodes on Wednesday would effectively render the bar unusable by us.  As now usual this autumn, in the Bar at the Rhodes Centre, 7.30 till about 10.30. Two courses as it were, with some common theme maybe: Sheila Moy would like to introduce the poetry of e e cummings; and we have also arranged to consider Language, Poetry & Communication: just what is poetry? does it need rules? how does it communicate? what is a poem? what isn’t a poem? I suggest we bring problems, questions, examples, poems, that either work to perfection, or things that really ask the question “Is this a poem?” (and maybe even answer it.) If anyone wants anything copied, do send it to me, and I’ll make sure it’s available for Tuesday.

We also need to really begin to lay plans for the International Night on February if this is to work successfully.

I will post up some  e e cummings shortly, and some material I might throw into the debate on Tuesday, conceptual, minimalist & neo-dada materia

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