Thursday, 26 September 2013

Online Sources for Sylvia Plath

Information, texts of poems etc on these sites:

Poetry Foundation: Sylvia Plath

<> (very full biography emphasising psychological themes + exhaustive bibliography)
< > (lots of poems, mostly early)

A celebration, this is: A website for Sylvia Plath

<> (exhaustive detail of publications etc, biography, lots of stalkerish photos, and links to some very cultish websites) from the Academy of American Poets:  Sylvia Plath 

< >

The Poetry Archive: Sylvia Plath 

< > (no texts, but two recordings) Poetry Archive: Sylvia Plath

< > (lots of poems, all breaching copyright)

Hello Poetry: Sylvia Plath

< > (lots of poems, all breaching copyright)

All Poetry: Sylvia Plath

< > (6 poems)


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