Thursday, 26 September 2013

Calendar for 2013-4

Apologies for delay in posting this! Please note that dates for 2014 are approximate only - we need to meet on nights when there is no major function at Rhodes, so may shift a day or so either way. Correct dates will be posted when they are confirmed.

October 2  Celebration and Exploration of the Poetry of Sylvia Plath – bring your favourite poems, and your own insight and enthusiasm - we will need some volunteers prepared to make a presentation on an aspect of Plath’s work & life or on specific poems

Tuesday, November 5  Discussion: Language, Poetry & Communication – just what is poetry? does it need rules? how does it communicate? what is a poem? what isn’t a poem? - bring problems, questions, examples, poems

December 4  Workshop – exchange our poems & obtain feedback; could combine with someone introducing a poet, if anyone is interested?

February 5 International Night – poems from as many countries as possible, in original language and in translation - we will need volunteers to read poems or to bring in friends who can

March 5  Planning for Stort Poetry booklet + poems on theme of “Childhood”

April 2  Narrative Poems – sharing and discussing our favourites

May 7 Visiting Poet – to be announced

June 4 Poetry writing “en plein air” - where to be decided!

July 2 Launch of Stort Poetry booklet -I’d suggest a reading, friends & family invited of course, and possibly even with a visiting poet, but we will plan all this beforehand


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