Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Next Meeting: July 3 - Mendoza Performing to the SPG

The next meeting will be at 7.30, Wednesday, July 3, at Coffee Corner. The poet Mendoza will be reading/performing.  Mendoza is a Northumbrian poet and researcher at Birkbeck University investigating identity through poetic practice. Mendoza writes and performs under several personas, most notably “Linus Slug: Insect Librarian”, “Elgar Funk” and “Elffish Jon”. The poetry itself references Northumbrian history and culture, as well as insect folklore and mythology, and some personal obsessions, like the number 9, and Art Garfunkel . Their (and I use the pronoun advisedly – how else can a range of personas be adequately referred to?) reputation is extending beyond the dark undergrowth of the avant-garde to reach and engage a wider audience, with appearances in recent wide-ranging anthologies of what’s most exciting in current new poetry. Mendoza is an intelligent and skilled performer: prepare to be astonished, intrigued and delighted, and to recognise the life within these language creations.

We also need to draw up a schedule of activities for next year (September-July). I propose not a formal meeting in August, but maybe anyone interested in coming up with ideas could come along to Coffee Corner on August 7 at 7.30 for a brief planning meeting. Alternatively please email me with any suggestions or ideas for what you would like next year.

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