Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Diane Shorrock, The Perfect Circle

The perfect circle
Beautiful to behold
Strayed into the land of jagged edges 
The circle was tired of perfection
And sought friendship
With the linear and sharp
A piercing of the image

The ultimate form
 Lonely in its beauty
Eager for friendship
Glided over to the equal shape
Of the singular triangle
Who with pointed head
Head butted the circle away

Bouncing from this rebuff
The beautiful circle
Found itself surrounded by
Thick war like zig-zag lines
Angry and ready for war on the shape
Of no beginning and no end
The frenzied lines began to charge
The circle sensing danger
With sadness of heart
Shed circular tears of sadness
 For the lost circle of friendship
That could not exist
 In the jagged edge world

Then with circular swiftness,
The circle flew high into the sky
And from above saw the Land of Lines
 In vertical disarray
Escaping the parallel lines of fury
That discharged into the sky
The circle returned home
Happy to return to the Circular Land
Of circular friendship.

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