Friday, 1 June 2012

Sarah Wardle on the Web

  • Fields Away by Sarah Wardle on PopMatter website
quite detailed and positive review by John Sears

  • Tottenham Hotspur FC - Poetry in Motion: Woman’s Hour Interview with Martha Kearney on BBC website (audio)
discussing her appointment as poet in residence at White Hart Lane, which led to her second book, SCORE!, plus a poem read

  • Sarah Wardle on British Council Writers Directory website
brief information & statement, plus a little discussion of Fields Away & SCORE!

  • Interview with poet Sarah Wardle on Dr Stephen Ginn’s blog “frontier psychiatrist”
Sarah Wardle’s third book A Knowable World was largely written when she was detained on psychiatric wards: quite revealing. She had attended & addressed the 2010 Annual London Psychiatry Trainee Conference: The Art of Psychiatry.

  • The International Linguistics of Art and Music on the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy website
Sarah Wardle, here as University of Middlesex academic and FRSA, discusses clearly and powerfully her sense of lyric poetry as covering the range of what is meant by being human

Poems Online

2 poems published in Fields Away - The Geoffrey Dearmer Prize 1999
3 poems from SCORE! on a Spurs fansite
poem from Fields Away



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