Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Next Meeting June 6

The next meeting will be at 7.30, Wednesday June 6, at the Coffee Corner café on the corner of South Street and Station Road. We’ll have several things going on. We need to decide what we’re doing next year, what activities people enjoyed and thought worked well (and fresh ideas!) and make some kind of outline calendar. We also need to consider whether we ought to establish a formal structure, or set ourselves any sort of joint project (like a reading by members, a small anthology, a website etc). It would be useful if people could either contact me with any ideas or views in advance, or post them on the Facebook page or here.

Diane Shorrock will introduce the poems of Sarah Wardle. I’ll circulate some poems by her and some links to material on/by her on the internet nearer the date

The third strand will be a workshop on poems by group members. The pattern for this would be to have small groups looking at the poems, and to come up with detailed responses and feedback. I need the poems in advance, again so that I can circulate them. So please email or post copies to me if you want to take part.

This is a lot to do in the time available! We need to finish by 9.30, so we’ll have to start quite promptly.

I’ll also remind you that on July 4, Frances Presley will read and talk about her writing at Coffee Corner.

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