Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Meeting: November 2nd

Our third meeting will be on Wednesday November 2, at 7.30, upstairs at Waterstone’s in the Coffee Bar. Patrick Walker is on holiday, but Sasha will be on the shop front door from some time after 7.00.

Last month’s meeting worked very well – I felt (and I think others did also) that we gelled very well as a group. People read out poems they had written or that were important to them, and there was genuine discussion in response to this. It was a very positive beginning.

It seemed a good idea to continue with this at the November meeting, and hopefully build further. So, as I said last time, “we should bring along and be prepared to read a couple of poems, either we have written, or that we like strongly, or that we feel have influenced us. I hope we can share these, with people prepared to say something about what they read, and others able also to respond. (Though don’t anyone feel forced to participate more than they want!)”

And we really must plan what we can do in subsequent meetings, so we can work out a programme for future meetings. Suggestions of further poets to invite would be useful, and any other activities/events.

I will bring Membership Cards with me – these will give a 10% reduction in poetry books at the Bishops Stortford Waterstone’s. If you can’t make the next meeting, do tell me, and I’ll post one to you. I will need to charge for wine at the meeting (Waterstone’s, bless them, can run to soft drinks for us), so will ask for a voluntary contribution per glass of wine. We’ll also need to think if we invite poets of a similar system of voluntary contribution to give some money for expenses, even payment.

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